Are you ready for the next iteration of your business?

The one where you make more money, have more control, are crystal-clear (and hot dang excited!) about where you’re headed?

Let’s be honest...

While getting to where you are today is no small feat —

✔ Your skills are solid
✔ The bills are being paid (even if some months are a little tighter than others)
✔ And you have proof it all kinda works

Staying here isn’t all that appealing.

The feast or famine cycles you experience are WAY too scary. You find yourself taking on projects that really aren’t a fit with what you like to do. You’re frustrated with how much time you’re spending on client work, and — at the end of the day — it all feels a bit like you’re at the mercy of other people’s businesses.

Which is *not* why you went out on your own in the first place.

Problem is, no matter how much time you spend thinking about (or trying to make) your next move, you can’t seem to gain traction.

Maybe it’s because you’re stuck right at the start, trying to pinpoint exactly what that move should look like…

“Should I raise my rates? Build a course? Go after different clients? What?”

Maybe it’s because you’re not quite sure how to *be* a business owner, rather than an employee…

“I’m terrible at working IN my business: marketing myself; financial planning; growing an email list etc. Fact is, paid projects get first priority, and it’s a cycle I can’t get out of.”

Maybe it’s because self-doubt makes it almost impossible to finish what you start…

“Who am I to do this? Isn’t whatsherface already doing something similar? And would people actually pay me for this???”

Or maybe it’s because the things you HAVE executed haven’t led to the change you were hoping to see…

“I switched up my services to create more space in my business, but I’m still working like a mad person… same problem, different shape, and I have no effing idea what to try next.”

Here’s the secret.
And it’s very un-sexy.

Honing your self-awareness and getting shit done is the only way to level-up. It’s scary. And uncomfortable. And far less appealing than curling up on the couch and watching back-to-back episodes of The Witcher.

But it’s also the thing that separates your business from the ones you admire. And before you think, “Oh, cool! I’m following such-and-such on Insta, and I just joined whatshisface’s course —”

We’ve got some bad news…

You can’t learn your way to a better business:
at some stage, you simply
have to

But you know the really great thing about this little fact? It means there’s no magic pill (so you can stop looking 😉), and no super-human quality that separates you from the people in your industry you look up to (the ones who’ve “made it”).

In fact, the only thing separating you from the next iteration of your business is considered, deliberate action

And the commitment to follow it through.

Which means all of this is entirely possible for YOU and YOUR business

Because when you take control of how people use your time and talent, you also take control of your business.

If this is resonating, it’s time we had a little chat…

Hi! We're Amy and Kirsty

We met at a conference in NYC in 2018, bonded over our tiny pinheads (and our shared inability to pull off a good hat), directness, love of a good red wine, and all things copywriting. In short, we shouted through a cocktail party long enough to know we’d continue the convo somewhere else.

And, when we did, we quickly realized we had complementary skills — from completely different backgrounds — that fit together into a pretty neat little puzzle…

Amy’s been in business for decades. She’s also Joanna Wiebe’s coaching partner in several Copy Hackers programs (the 10x Freelance Copywriter, Copy Hackers MasterMinds and a new series of classes launching this year) and has helped dozens of copywriters improve their chops and earn more money in her Copy Clinic.

Kirsty’s an ex-psychotherapist, and has found a way to bring that deep understanding of human nature to copy and to her business. She’s choosy about who she works with and about the offers she puts out into the world (working in palliative care will give you a whole new perspective on the value of making meaning out of the time you have. For realsies.)

Because of our backgrounds, and our beliefs about what entrepreneurship should be, we’ve both carved out a life that works for us financially and day-to-day.

Neither of us is willing to settle for a “default business” (we’re a stubborn little duo!), and we’ve both gone out of our way to get deliberate and intentional with each move we make. Thing is —

We believe the benefit of being in business for yourself is to control your time, your income, and your life.

And neither of us got into business to spend our days doing work that feels heavy and ‘smeh’ and unrewarding — not to mention being paid what someone else decides you’re worth (there are office jobs for that…).

But we talk to copywriters all the time who tell us they don’t feel in control.

They ask us questions like:

”I want to create a productized service, but I have no idea how to position or price my offer. Can you help?”

”I know at some point I need to do something besides client work. How do I know when? And how do I know what?”

”I have some great ideas, but I never seem to get past starting them before I doubt myself and go into the spin cycle of uncertainty. How do I settle on one and move forward? “

”My income is too up and down. Is there something I should be doing or building so I can control things better on my end or is it up and down like this until you ‘make it’?”

“My business is flying — I have more work that I can handle, I’m making good money, and I’m booked well in advance. But it’s dragging me away from the life I want to be living. How can I fix it?”

So we figured we’d do something about it…


Business Badassery

A 12-week, get-shit-done incubator designed to help you discover YOUR next step — and then actively make it happen.

(Yep, this is a hands-on "do-the-thing" Incubator with an end result. It is NOT another course).

What other copywriters are saying about working with us 1:1

“Amy gives direct, actionable, no-bullshit-yet-supportive, on-point guidance that transformed my wobbly fledgling freelance copy business into one that I am excited about, one that fulfills me on a deep level, and one where I am fully confident in my ability to be a rockstar for my clients.

A transformation like this is priceless, but it also happily comes with dollar signs. A few hours ago, for example, I just signed a single contract that DOUBLED MY YEARLY INCOME! It’s safe to say I would not be in a position to either land and negotiate a contract like this without Amy’s extensive and coaching and advice.

I am working with clients that inspire me, businesses so perfectly aligned to me and who I am I couldn’t even imagine opportunities like this existed a year ago. And it took a professional outside perspective, someone who could see my own “zone of genius” and help me refine that into a legit copywriting business free from imposter syndrome that I will grow with for years to come.”


“Cathartic, productive and mind-blowing.

It was like a fun mini therapy session, but with bonus biz stuff! I expected to come out of it with a clear plan… but I’d never have guessed Kirsty would help me feel more confident about sharing and owning my story. Seriously, that’s HUGE!

Before we talked I could barely remember the journey. And now I’m keen to get it out there and connect with my peeps!”


“Amy is truly a masterclass coach and every hour spent in her (virtual) presence is like 30 hours sweating it out alone in front of your computer. I cannot recommend her enough.

Though she is certainly one of the most talented copywriters I know, what drew me to Amy wasn’t her knack for writing copy. It was her wealth of experience and warm demeanor.

What I loved about working with Amy as a coach is how she can quickly flip between constructive feedback and tactical strategies and tie it all up in a nice neat bow of dealing with the stickiest of client situations.”


Here are the deets, starting with what you get when you snag one of the 16 4 spots inside


Over 12 weeks, you’ll figure out AND create the foundation for the business you want, vis-à-vis a brand new offering. One we’ll help you shape, price, test, and figure out how to market.

You DON’T need to know what this is beforehand. Great if you have ideas, and fine if you don’t. We’ll help you tease out your best offering: one that fits your skills and delivers the outcome you’re after, whether that’s new clients, another income stream, less time at your laptop, or something completely different.

Our goal is that, come May 1 (yep, mark it in your calendar), you’re actually rolling around in the next iteration of your business — happily.

Because it’s the work you *really* want to do, it supports the life you want to live, and it’s left you with a completely new perspective on your business — one where you get to call the shots and control the twists and turns.

Here’s how we’ll get you from here to there…

We’ll start by identifying what you want

Yes, YOU! Not us, your judgey brother-in-law, the person in your last mastermind, or anyone else. We’ll look at things like:

 Yep, this is your business and you get to decide all of that. HUZZAH!

All this identifying takes part in weeks 1 to 4, via:

Once you identify what you want, we’ll help you plot a path to get there via your very own 2:1 coaching +/or strategy session with us.

We’ll help you prep for the call (which takes place in week 6), so we all rock up ready to rumble, and then spend 30 minutes working with you to flesh out your offer and how you’ll bring it to life.


In short, by the time your 2:1 session is wrapped, you WILL have a plan to move forward on, and you’ll know exactly what to do next.

From week 7 onwards, you have access to us for the help you need to make that happen.

Which means what you need—in real-time—is what you get.

Maybe that’s a get shit done day

Or an ask-us-anything session

Maybe it’s a big ol’ group coaching session where we move you through those mindset pieces that ALWAYS come into play when you’re putting something new out into the world…

Maybe it’s a copy critique

Or a workshop on launch strategy

Maybe you’ll want a workshop on funnel strategy, or lead generation

Or a group session where we all brainstorm YOUR copy

Chances are it will be most, if not all, of the above, which is perfect! We have 6 weeks to work together on this, so there’s space for all of it. In fact, you’ll be blown away by what you can get done when you allow yourself the focus. It’s so nice to just move through it without all the angst.

In short, you ask and we provide. That responsiveness allows you to get what you need in the moment to move you forward… not what a course creator imagines you might need, 3 months before the fact (*zing*).

Phew, that was a lot of copy, even for us!

Here’s what you get
in picture form...

Powerful Reflective Tools

To make sure you’re building an offer that supports the business YOU want

2x Live 75-Minute Workshops

Where we help you shift your perspective of what’s possible in your biz, and identify how a new offer can support your big-picture goals

2 x "Brain Dump" Hot Seat Calls

Where you get feedback, perspective, and support on what you’re planning while it’s still taking shape

A 2:1 With the Pinheads

Where we’ll work with you to flesh out your offer and how you’ll bring it to life

An Intimate Slack Group

So you can bump brains with us and your 15 new copywriter friends for the full 12 weeks

Plus Whatever You Need in Weeks 7-12

To make sure you do the work and bring your offer to life

Want to make your next move with all this in your corner?

Here’s a peek at what it’s like working with us in our group programs...

“Kirsty’s legit af. Which meant when explaining to us during the webinar and slack sessions she could frame whatever we wanted answered in different ways until we understood.

I’ve already had 2 of my new day/half day rates snapped up for this month and I’m not even officially off maternity leave yet! All at rates I slept on to be sure they were high enough – after a few sleeps I upped them a little more.

Here I was thinking every single retainer client would baulk at the new prices. Must’ve framed it pretty well thanks to a certain Camp…

Thanks Kirsty! You are the bomb dot com, the framing yoda, the queen of the brains.”


“I went from “maybe I should just quit” to “I’m kicking ass” in a few months of working with Amy.

I’ve taken a ton of valuable copywriting courses… But there’s a gap between where course theory/implementation ends and the real work of writing copy for a client begins.

I tried running and leaping over the gap — I fell and it hurt. I almost gave up on copywriting.

Then Amy sent a last-chance email offering to get on a call RE: Copy Clinic. I’m so glad I got on the phone. I told Amy I didn’t know if I’d be writing copy in 3 months…she said, “Try out Copy Clinic for a month.”

Fast forward 6 months…I’m still in Copy Clinic. I haven’t run away from my business. I’ve raised my prices more than once. I’ve let go of bad-fit clients. I’m attracting more dream clients. I’ve improved my copywriting skills. I’ve streamlined my writing processes. I’m more confident in my work than ever.

Bonus: The small-group dynamic works. We help each other become better writers, share gig opps, and learn from each other.
Stop trying to jump over the gap. You’ll never run fast enough to make it. You need a mentor. “


“I no longer hold myself back from getting stuck into the damn thing. I back myself. I own my expertise.

The skills and tools and workshops throughout gave me the confidence to raise my rates and finally start selling my day-rate. Now, not only do I feel capable to deliver incredible value in my offers, but I get so much more enjoyment from the whole process too.

The group experience was magical. Learning that I was already doing lots of things that create killer copy, and seeing that brilliant, talented copywriters struggle with the same stuff I do has worked freaking wonders for my confidence.”


Business Badassery is a hands-on, do-the-thing kinda space —

Which means there are no video lessons, worksheets, or modules. Instead, you’ll learn by doing, which (in our humble opinion) is one of the best ways to make sure everything sticks AND you keep moving forward. Plus, the time you invest gives you actual traction in your business for a change. Skill building is critical, but revenue building is pretty sweet too 😉

We’ll provide relevant resources if and as needed, but we intentionally want to make the time you spend badass. As in get-shit-done-walk-away-with-a-thing badass.

In short, this isn’t about learning a new thing (though you’ll probably learn a ton). This is about DOING a new thing, and getting real, tangible results.

On that note —

Let’s talk about ROI

Why invest your (hard earned money) to do this particular thing, at this particular time?

Because you must have a growth strategy and it must be unique to you. It’s how you control your business and hit your revenue target — whatever that is — without losing your mind, risking burnout, or filling your time with work you don’t really want to do.

Enter Business Badassery.

Which isn’t just designed to help you pinpoint your unique growth strategy, but also to make sure you implement it. So that, three months from now, you’ll have it up and running and ready to get to work for you.

Which means you could have…

All of these scenarios are entirely possible by May 1.

And all you need is the willingness to get deliberate with the time you have. To build your self-awareness, receive feedback on your ideas, make moves, and tell us what you need when you get stuck.

Because if you show up and do the work, you will be much more certain and absolutely on purpose. You will get this done. And you’ll almost certainly get it done more quickly and with more success than you would on your own. In fact, because Business Badassery is hands-on with the sole purpose of a real, tangible outcome, we’d be shocked if you followed through and didn’t make back your investment.

Fact is the success of this program depends on the success of the people inside it. So we are 100% committed to YOUR results.

Here’s what you’ll walk away with on May 1, in addition to a real, tangible thing that plants the flag for your new phase of business…

  • The ability to step into the role of owning your business in a new way — where you are in control (huzzah!)
  • A rock solid understanding of the interplay between what you sell and what you earn (and how taking control of that first one gives you a crystal-clear path to your $ goals)
  • The capability to reach your revenue goal in a way that FEELS GOOD (no more insane working hours or boring projects requizmo)
  • The know-how to reality check your idea… before you pour time, energy, and mulah into it
  • Experience shaping an offer into its best form (aka rewarding for you + super appealing for your prospect)
  • Confidence in pricing and positioning
  • Tools to identify and overcome mindset blocks (yep, your imposter syndrome better watch out!)
  • A repeatable process that takes you right through from idea to launch

Sound like the kind of know-how, skills, and experience you want in your business toolbox?

Keen to hear what the big guns say about us?

“It’ll probably be enough to say that Amy has grown agencies to the point of getting them acquired and just stop there. Because selling your agency is kinduv major. So that may be enough to prove that Amy knows her stuff when it comes to growing your freelance copywriting business.

However, if that is not enough and you are particularly keen to hear how Amy helps people JUST LIKE YOU grow their businesses, allow me to illustrate her expertise: she has coached 200+ entrepreneurs in our premium membership community to the point that the vast majority of them have doubled their revenue, tripled their revenue, quadrupled their waitlist – the list goes on.

But if that’s STILL not enough, here’s this: Amy is one of the most down-to-earth, likeable and good-natured people you will ever meet. She’s the person I go to when I don’t know what to do. And I would trust her with every secret, every ambition, every loss and every hope I have. She’s the best.”


"It's far too easy to fall into the trap of building a copywriting business that looks like everyone else's. So you fill your days up with activities and projects that don't actually light you up. Because you think there's ONLY one path in this copywriting forest (ummm wrong!).

Then you meet industry leaders like Amy Posner and Kirsty Fanton who are rebellious enough and contrarian enough… and sure as hell, smart enough to reject the status quo.

When you’ve got Amy and Kirsty by your side, you have both an experienced coach with decades of business experience (what up, Amy!) and a psychotherapist with the business chops and intuition (what up, Kirsty!) to guide you sanely to your next destination.

If you need hands-on nurturing so you can actually get sh*t done and implement, I *highly* recommend Amy and Kirsty.”


This is the very first time we’ve run this thang

And, while that might make the idea of joining seem a little risky, it’s actually a pretty powerful opportunity. Here’s why…


If we run this program again (which we fully intend to, by the way) the price will be much higher.

Firstly, because it’s worth more in real, measurable terms. If you were to book Amy for just ONE coaching session, it’d set you back $500. And, if you wanted Kirsty too, that’d be another $450 on top.

Throw in the live workshops, hot seat calls, on-the-fly-access in Slack, plus whatever wonderful way we spend our time in the second half of the program — whether that’s an ‘ask-us-anything’ sesh, a get-shit-done day, group coaching session, or (more than likely) all of the above — and that number would be much, much higher.

The second reason the price will go up is because we’ll have testimonials from wonderful humans like you who used Business Badassery to launch a new offer that brought four and five-figure sums into their business, while also allowing them to take control of all those other bits that really matter —

Like who they work with, the kind of work they do, how much time they spend tethered to their keyboard, and how their business makes them feel.


There are only 16 places up for grabs in this here beta round, which means you’ll have more opportunities to ask questions during the workshops, more time to give and get advice during the hot seat calls, and no chance of getting lost in the Slack group.

It also means you get your own 2:1 session

Because, as you can imagine, this is the one component that doesn’t scale. So, as the group gets bigger moving forward, it might well disappear.


Okay, so this guarantee will most likely still exist when we offer the program again, but we want to take the risk out of the equation for you right upfront.

Once we get the ball rolling on February 10th, you have 14 days to work out if Business Badassery offers genuine, tangible value for you. The only thing you need to do is follow through on your decision to join by engaging with what’s on offer.

So, if you show up live or watch the replay of the first two workshops, participate in the Slack group (even minimally, like, “Hey! I prefer pigeons to people, so I’m going to retreat back into my copy cave and watch from the sidelines, k bye!”) and think, ‘I somehow ended up in the wrong room…’

Just let us know and we’ll refund 100% of your investment within 2 working days. No judgement, no hassle.

This whole beta business doesn’t feel too shabby now, does it?

Join Business Badassery

And nail the next iteration of your business

Payment Plan

Most Flexible
$779 USD

Pay Upfront

Best Value!
$2997 USD

“Amy is without question a god-send of a client-wrangling-coach, and I don't say that lightly.

Pre-Amy, I was struggling to deal with clients who basically walked all over me, and made me feel defensive. I was getting too hot-headed to respond to them well, and to be honest, I didn’t really know how to.

Not only did Amy dive right into the client issues with me, to REALLY understand the situation (which alone is way more than I’d experienced from coaches in the past), she SHOWED me exactly how to respond with finesse, class and clarity.

I ended up feeling really GOOD about my responses to these clients, and not at the mercy of their whims. If you do any type of client work, you know how huge this is.

Thanks to Amy I also have a short-list of go-to responses to whip out for different client hesitations or objections. It feels so good to know how to handle clients going forward and in a way that makes me feel like such a boss (because it’s not about sucking it up or compromising).

Hannah Shamji,

“I put my goddamn prices up and felt good doing it. I feel like my rates, skills and confidence all match. Finally.

The most surprising part was — and I’m paraphrasing Glenda the Good Witch here — I felt like maybe I had the power inside me all along. I just needed the support of Kirsty and the other group members to draw it out.
I heard a podcast that talked about a sculptor who just sat with kids, sculpting, rather than teaching them to sculpt.

After a while, the kids picked up clay and started sculpting themselves.

That teacher had modelled their love for sculpting. That’s what Kirsty was like.”

— Christina Chiodo,

“About 10 days ago, an old client reached out to me with a big project. I was excited, because I knew that this project would be a valuable addition to my portfolio.

The problem was, the last time I worked with this client, I was very new to copywriting and therefore, charging a very low rate.

Here was the challenge I presented to Amy:

How do I try to get this client to pay a higher rate without risking losing the project? If the client balks at the new rate, how can I save face and offer the original rate without looking like I was trying to pull one over on them?

Amy showed me how to frame the rate increase in terms of added value for the client. She also gave me a clever plan B that made me feel confident enough to handle the situation even if the client didn’t accept the new rate. But plan B stayed in my pocket, because the client accepted the rate increase of over 40%!

Andrew Yedlin,

What do YOU want your business to be?

If your answer’s “what it is today” then that is bloody wonderful. You don’t need our help. So take a high-five (*slappity-slap*) and be on your way.

On the other hand, if you’re somewhere between:

“I have no idea… but definitely not this” and “I kinda think I know… but it feels IMPOSSIBLE,” then we need to keep talking.

Not to push you into joining us inside Business Badasssery (that’s really not our style!) but to make it super clear what you’re choosing between, so you can make the right call — whichever way that lands.

First up, this idea of being in control of your business —

Of choosing how people use your time and talent, what they pay for that privilege, and how that supports the life you want to live isn’t a fantasy indulgence. Not by a long stretch.

This is your business.
You get to decide.

And the shape that takes will look different for everybody, so if you’re thinking your idea or your goal isn’t ‘right’ or ‘good enough’, that actually means there’s a 99.99% chance it’s perfect. Because if it doesn’t fit inside of one of those cookie-cutter boxes flapping ’round the internet, that means it’s perfectly subjective, and therefore a reflection of something that will have impact, meaning, and longevity for you.

And, (side note!) you may be surprised by your own priorities — which also change over time. Sometimes you might be driven by income. Other times by expanding your skillset, or needing some down time. These are all equally valid and equally important (and if anyone tells you otherwise, let us know, and we’ll fling poo at them… Kirsty knows a guy).

Secondly, creating the foundation for that business — by getting deliberate with what you sell, and then making it happen — is 100% possible in 12 weeks.

It won’t be a walk in the park (if it was, you would’ve done it already) but as long as you’re willing to show up, do the work, and ask for help, you and your business will be in a very different place come May 1.

In short, your business will be operating at a whole new level: one that makes sense for who YOU are and the life you want to lead.

If this sounds like what you’re after, this, right here, is your cue to make a move…

Because there are just 16 4 spots available, and we start on February 10th.

“Kirsty is soooo deeply generous, completely open, super-clear and of course supremely knowledgeable.

Seriously, every slack convo, every call, every example she shared from her own business, every tip and critique, every question she answered, every question she ASKED … it was all utter GOLD. By which I don’t mean it was freakishly heavy, rubbish for making nails, and hard to trade on the open market. I mean it was all CRAZY VALUABLE.

And, after K-Babe critiqued my sales page copy, and I tweaked it based on her epic advice, I just stepped into this freakin Rockstar persona when I presented it to my client – TOTALLY owning it, explaining why this works and this doesn’t, making all kinds of recommendations…

Suddenly, I felt like the expert my client needed me to be.

And his response was this: “Amazing work, Gin! I LOVE it!” *airpunch* #nailedit

Gin Walker,

“Kirsty was SO hands on. She never made me feel stupid for asking a question (or, like, a million questions).

Everything was valuable. What we learned. The feedback Kirsty gave. The banter we had in the Slack group and on calls. Seeing what other people asked. Building relationships with other copywriters. Sharing wins. The Slack channel in general. (I’d pay money to be in a channel like that on the reg.)

It was worth every penny and then some. (And I’m frugal with everything.)”

Emily Zoscak


“When does this start?”

February 10! And as soon as you go ahead and claim your spot, you’ll get a few goods to help you start reflecting on what YOU want from your business. You’ll also get links to all the live components, so you can put those straight in your calendar and plan your time accordingly. This way, we can all jump in ahead of the game on day one.

"My big problem is getting leads and having people find me. I just don’t have regular prospects/inquiries. Would this help me address that issue?"

Totally! If the thing you want to get up and running is a lead gen funnel, we can definitely help you do that in the next 12 weeks. In fact, it’s kinda Amy’s specialty…

"I really have such a small audience. My #1 worry at the moment is WHO I will sell any new offer/service to. I mean, I know people are out there, but should I be worried more about growing an audience first before I buckle down and create services?"

Actually, there’s huge value in doing both at once, because to build an effective, profitable list, it helps to know exactly what you want to offer. Think of it like blind dating vs match-making. They can both work, but the odds are definitely higher when you know what you’re looking for and who you’re attracting…

"The hesitations coming up are first and foremost around commitment. Can I do this if I’m already committed to something else?"

If we do it right, Business Badassery should feel like direct coaching and support that helps you move through getting it done, as opposed to being another “thing to do…” Because of that, our hope is that it dovetails with whatever anyone else in the group is part of.

Learning about how to attract a steady stream of leads? Great – let’s make that happen.

Investigating how to scale *without* losing your marbles in the process? Awesome, let’s get it done in a way that makes sense for you.

Joined a mastermind to learn how to create your first course? Perfect, let’s take that knowledge and bring it to life in real time, so you actually get through to launch.

“I’m thinking about creating a course rather than a new product or service… is Business Badassery still for me?”

Courses are incredible assets to have — and of course, more complex to build. So please keep in mind that while it’s certainly not impossible to create and launch a course in 12 weeks (Kirsty got her first course up, running, and sold out in 5 weeks), it’s not the norm UNLESS you can put everything else on hold, in which case, we’ll do our best to run right alongside ya! If you’re also juggling other tasks, it’s more likely you’ll walk away with a plan, structure, launch strategy, and some of the course assets in place, rather than your first sale. If you’re cool with that, we’d love to have you inside.

“And what if the offer I want to create isn’t strictly a copywriting thang?”

That’s where Amy’s expertise kicks in. She’s owned seven different businesses in a variety of fields and has been coaching people on marketing, sales and business growth since the early aughts. She’s known for her ability to synthesize information and craft offers. Her clients come back for that year after year – you’ll get the very deliberate application of her experience.

“Can I really do this in 3 months? Because I’ve been trying to create a new offering for the whole of this year and it ain’t happened.”

Ha! Been there. Here’s what we’ve discovered (and we love to scratch our heads on this one and talk about it ad infinitum…). It’s painful to create your own stuff. And, sometimes, near impossible. Yeah, there’s the time you need and rarely have. But more than that, it’s a big project and you’re busy. And, if you don’t have your business dialled in (yet), you don’t feel you have the luxury of taking time to “create….” even if that creation will liberate you. If you commit to doing it here? It’ll get done and it’ll be ready to make you money — in 12 weeks.

“Is 1:1 coaching with one of you pinheads a better option?”

Maybe — it depends how you work best. But here’s what we can tell you for certain. 1:1 coaching with one of us is a much bigger investment, even though there are fewer touch points, and you only get access to one of our brains.
We created Business Badassery so you get the best of both worlds:

“When are the workshops, hot seats, and 2:1s going down?”
  • Workshop #1 kicks off at 1pm PT Tuesday Feb 11th/8am AEDT Wednesday Feb 12th
  • Workshop #2 kicks off at 1pm PT Tuesday Feb 18th/8am AEDT Wednesday Feb 19th
  • Hot seat #1 kicks off at 1pm PT Tuesday March 3rd/8am AEDT Wednesday March 4th
  • Hot seat #2 kicks off at 1pm PT Wednesday March 4th/8am AEDT Thursday March 5th

Psst… while you’re welcome and encouraged to come to both hot seat sessions, you don’t have to. All we ask is that you come to YOUR hot seat session (aka the one where you’re sharing your idea).

The 2:1 coaching +/or strategy sessions are happening between 1pm and 5pm PT Tuesday March 17th/8am and 12pm AEDT Wednesday March 18th, and between 1pm and 5pm PT Wednesday March 18th/8am and 12pm AEDT Thursday March 19th.

As soon as you join Business Badassery, you’ll get a neat little onboarding doc, complete with calendar links, so you can book your hot seat AND your 2:1, and have your calendar planned out before we begin. All calls will be recorded and (with the exception of your 2:1 session) shared with the group so you can catch up on any you can’t make live, or go back over them in your own time.

“How many people will be in this round?”

No more than 16. That way you get the benefits of 1:1 attention from both of us (i.e. individual feedback, pointed questions, pants-kicking, real-time support, and celebratory gifs) AND the benefits of being part of a group (i.e. ideas, camaraderie, connections, and momentum).

“Is there some sort of guarantee?”

Sure is! Once we get the ball rolling on February 10th, you have 14 days to work out if Business Badassery offers genuine, tangible value for you.  

The only thing you need to do is follow through on your decision to join by engaging with what’s on offer.  So, if you show up live or watch the replay of the first two workshops, participate in the Slack group and think, ‘I somehow ended up in the wrong room…’ just let us know and we’ll refund 100% of your investment within 2 working days. No judgement, no hassle.

“I have another question…”

Great! Sock it to us, and we’ll get back to you within one working day.

Questions answered, and ready to get hot dang deliberate about where your business is headed?


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